Last week was a bit of a dumpster fire. We’d all had enough of being indoors. Miss 6 completed her school’s packet, 43 lessons in Dreambox and a bunch of lessons in Lexia. In addition she did:

Penmanship – ZB Kindergarten p. 131
Spelling – Lesson 15 “Short Vowel I”
Read & discussed “The Grasshopper and the Ant” drew a picture
Wrote cookie thank you cards
Completed Singapore Math p. 104-112
Completed Kumon Differentiation p. 6-42
Morning starters 5-7
Watched 2 Cincinnati Zoo videos
Earned her Girl Scouts Board Game Design Challenge Badge
Worked on learning to fold clothes using the “Marie Kondo” method
Read about kitchen safety in Williams Sonoma Kids Cooking
Read 20-30 minutes every day
Watched videos on magnetic science

I’m about to make this week’s lesson plan. I’ll also be writing a post about where to find Secular resources this week.


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