This is what Miss 6 did this past week:

We wound up not doing school on Friday. Each day, we spent about 2 hours on these things, and some more time reading, watching educational videos, and playing with purpose.

All About Reading Level 1 Lessons 10 & 11 (review)
Zanner Blosser Handwriting K p. 127-130
Spelling Workout A Lesson 14 “short A”
What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know – Fables
Cookie thank you cards
Singapore Math Essentials of Math K B p. 90-103
What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know “Plants Are All Around Us” and “Plant Parts and 180 Days of Science pages 49-58 – on animal habitats
What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know “What a Ball: Our World,” “Oceans and Continents,” “Maps & the Globe,” “Which Way Are You Going?” and “North, South, east, West”
DK Geography p. 40-47 – finished the book
Kumon Logic p. 62-72, finished the book; Kumon Creativity p. 21-26
Morning starters p. 1-4
Geodes study
Daisy Cybersecurity badges (all 3).

This week, we get a packet from her school. We’ll also be adding in work for the Preschoolers, who want to do “work” too.

Stay well, be healthy.


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