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  1. Greetings, I’d like to connect! I’m working on a new STEM product and am seeking feedback from end users. I was hoping you could take a look from the perspective of a homeschool user. Perhaps you can help me introduce it if it is a good fit. Thanks for any time you can spare, have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Donna, it is, but I no longer have access to that article, and unfortunately the checklist I created for that article went away when the computer it was on died. 😦 But hopefull one of these days I’ll put together a new one on here.


  2. Dear Ronda,

    Hi. My name is Henry Roi. I represent acclaimed Dutch photographer and author Hans Kemp (www.hanskemp.com). Hans has just released his seventh photobook, published by Visionary World in Hong Kong.

    “Divine Encounters: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia” is a large format 400 page coffee-table book, bringing together for the first time, in exquisite, full color documentary photography with accompanying text, ancient religious rituals and ceremonies from all corners of Asia.

    Traditions that not only have survived the giant hoover of global culture but are thriving, as participants search for identity in an increasingly uniform world.

    The Bangkok Post wrote: “…a 400-page collection of beautiful and sometimes startling images. Kemp’s remarkable photos capture not only scenes of frenzy but zoom into the faces of the devout, showing them lost in pain, ecstasy or peaceful communion with their deity.“

    The Kyoto Journal wrote: “For readers who are sure to spend hours in the vibrant collection of photos.”

    And renowned photographer and TV Host Art Wolfe commented: “I found this book to be inspirational and highly motivating…if you have an interest in world cultures and rituals, or if you simply want to check out some excellent photography, give it a look!”

    It would be great if you could review “Divine Encounters: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia” on Just a Secular Homeschooler. I have attached a pdf file with more information about the book and its author. If you are interested I can arrange for a copy to be sent to you from the distributor. The author can also be reached for an interview.

    I’m happy to discuss this further and look forward to hearing from you.

    With kind regards,

    Henry Roi
    PR Manager @HenryRoiPR


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