Penmanship Practice

How strict are you when it comes to sitting properly for penmanship practice? Princess Boogie, 4, is just learning how to write, so I haven't been a stickler about having to be 100% about her posture (In fact, I'm not sure I was strict about it with College Boy, 19, either). Right now, it's student-initiated. … Continue reading Penmanship Practice


Hello From a Secular Homeschooler in Wichita!

I figured that before I start writing about all sorts of homeschooling topics - finding secular curriculum, educational philosophy, etc. It would be best to start the journey here by introducing myself and talking a bit about my own personal homeschooling journey. First of all, I live in Kansas (I actually come from California), and … Continue reading Hello From a Secular Homeschooler in Wichita!