We had the opportunity to review Smart Game’s Color Catch. The game was sent to us by Timberdoodle to try out and review. The game is included in Timberdoodle’s 2020 Seventh-Grade Curriculum Kit & Their Non-religious 2020 Seventh-Grade Curriculum Kit. I reviewed it with my soon-to-be 7 year old.

What is Color Catch Smart Game?

Color Catch Smart Game is a critical thinking game for ages 7 and up. The game’s object is to place the pieces so that they match the challenge. There are sixty different challenges at a variety of levels. The puzzle pieces are transparent and the colors show through from the game board underneath.

The game is self-contained and in addition to a nice homeschool component to add to a morning basket or keep on hand for a challenge for a student while you’re occupied with another student, it makes a good game to take camping & on care rides. It is single-player, and helps build planning, logic, concentration, visual perception, and flexible thinking skills.

How to Play

Playing Color Catchers Smart games is pretty simple. You select a puzzle you would like to complete – the very first ones are easy & they have the key there next to the challenge. The later challenges get very complex. Then, you follow the requirements – the colors you need and whether your frog or salamander is eating a fly or not.

What We Thought

When I asked M. to talk abotu what she thought about the game, she said she really enjoyed it. She continued playing it for a couple hours after we were done with our review. It held up well with the temptation of Minecraft hoovering, so that’s a good sign. She’s a first-grader and was able to work through the easy puzzles with some prompting. She said she liked that it made her think.

How to Add Color Catch Smart Game to Your Homeschool

If you’re looking to have a game that you can pull out while you’re working with another one of your students or you want to help your child develop those important critical thinking skills, this is a great game for that. We’ll have it in our morning/enrichment basket. I like having a basket close to our homeschool area wiht a variety of activities my kids can pull from and do – and I rotate games like this one and Roller Coaster Challenge through it.

Color Catch Smart Game is $14.99 on Timberdoodle. Not only does it make a great game for your homeschool, but it also can make a great gift as we head into the holiday season.


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