“Bookshark literature-based homeschool curriculum provides parents with engaging full-grade learning programs that offer unrivaled educational outcomes”

Source: Bookshark is Literature-Based Homeschool Curriculum | BookShark

I was a bit bummed this past weekend. I happened upon Bookshark, and thought, “Wow! This looks great – it’s Sonlight without the religion.” Then, I took a closer look.

Unfortunately, Bookshark’s history and science curriculum choices still present a problem. The science curriculum is “neutral” meaning they don’t touch upon evolution, climate change, the big bang theory, and other important scientific concepts that should be part of a comprehensive science curriculum.

The history choices contain strong Christian biases.

This means I’m still intent on creating my own history and science curricula for my kids, and I’m still toying with the idea of making this available to others, considering I’m putting it together anyway.

The difficulty in finding truly secular science and history resources – with ready-made lesson plans – is one I’m sure many secular homeschoolers face. Sure, I can put my own plan together, and that is pretty fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

So let me pose this question to you: If there were a secular equivalent of Bookshark/Sonlight/Timberdoodle, would you use it and prefer it to what’s already out there?



2 thoughts on “Not a Secular Curriculum: Bookshark

  1. Build your library and torchlight are what you’re describing. Secular, literature-based guides for history/science/art/literature/poetry etc. Both are available for around 30usd per level but don’t have a set box of books that arrives to your door, you use the lists to buy them yourself.


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